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Billy and Wendi Conyers of The Real Estate Firm are really putting their money where their mouths are. Not only have they become extremely successful in just two years as REALTORS®, selling over $13 million in real estate in just their first full year, they are paying it forward by really helping their community in the most thoughtful of ways. While Wendi may have entered the Charleston market prior to her husband, Billy, when these two teamed up, things really took off, and they haven’t looked back since.

You may know Wendi by her iconic cowgirl boots, which she wears everywhere, considering her tagline to be “Carolina Roots In Cowgirl Boots.” Where you may know Billy by his unwavering support of his hometown in Berkeley County. Wendi, a registered nurse, and Billy’s huge heart to help others have combined to make them a power couple unlike any seen in the Charleston market. In fact, Billy is running for Berkeley County Council and has won his primary for district 8, so look out for him to run in the general election in November and to be the heart in politics that our state so desperately needs.

Billy says he “wants to preserve the local history of Berkeley County, and I do not want to see track home after track home built; we need smart deveopment. Two years ago, a tornado hit our area. We took my old tractors and our four children and went to help anywhere we could. Some people were left homeless and living in their cars, and their roofs were ripped off of their houses. Wendi posted about it on Facebook and was able to get many wonderful people to come and lend support. It was then that I knew these people needed someone to represent them who would do everything they could to support them and realized that change starts locally. I decided to run because I care about local government, I care about my community and district so much that I am willing to stress myself out and run. I am a hard-working man who will do whatever it takes to be the voice our district needs, and I don’t care if people don’t like my honesty; I’m going to give it to you straight no matter what.”

With both of them willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves and do what’s right for their community, you couldn’t find a better team to not only help reach their client’s real estate goals but to work with other REALTORS® in a respectful, compassionate manner. Wendi says, “The biggest thing that sets us apart is we love hard and well and do anything we can to help our clients. Whether they need physical help, monetary help or just someone to talk to, we are always there for them. We truly care.”

Going way above and beyond the call of duty, Billy and Wendi are building their business off of truly caring for those they work with and for. An attribute not often found in most careers, especially real estate, these two have the market locked on service with a smile. Considering how Wendi entered into the real estate world, this is no small feat.

She says, “2020 was one of the worst years of my life and was a major turning point. I prayed hard and knew I needed a major change so I finally took a leap of faith, and while I worked during the day, I did online live real estate classes at night, I used the mute button most of the time because I often had a baby crying or making loud noise plus three other little ones needing me in the middle of my four-hour class. I also had to bathe them and get them to bed in the middle of every class while Billy worked long hours at the local steel mill. It was quite comical looking back now but at the time was extremely challenging. I finished real estate school in June 2020 and from that day forward, I decided to give it my all and do everything I could to be a better version of myself for my family. I only wish I would have gone for it sooner, and I’m never looking back. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be and have never felt so in my element in my life.”

These two really did start from the bottom, as they built their lives together by living in a old, tiny home with no central heat or air while Wendi finished nursing school, and Billy worked two jobs so they wouldn’t be in debt. It truly shows that hard work pays off, and now, with their beautiful family by their side, including their four kids, Georgia Belle, Bubba, Ivey Mae, and Asa Oak, they are really teaching the next generation how to put others before yourself.

Helping people is what they do, whether through real estate or putting themselves out in the community to help those in need, and you couldn’t find two people better suited to take the Charleston market into the future. Going above and beyond the call of duty is their calling card, and if you happen to live in Berkeley County District 8, a vote for Billy is a vote for change, and you couldn’t find a better man, and family, to represent you than the Conyers.

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